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spééo extrême

Level : Extreme

Speleologie sport - parcours sportifs - Exploraddiction - Pyrénées Orientales

Aven Pérez - Cave of En Cassa
Underground crossing, Ria

1/2 day

Traversée Aven Pérez - Grotte d'En Cassa - Spéléologie Pyrénées Orientales


from 4 people: 55 €
from 8 people: 53 €

Very complete and fun underground crossing with descents in the wells , obligatory crossings of narrow spaces , passages in cat flaps to test your steel mind but also magnificent crystals , an exceptional underground scenery and some surprises on your route

Activity near Prades, Perpignan, Font Romeu, Barcarès

4h30 *
from 14 years old

66500 RIA

* This approximated time includes the whole activity duration from car to car, with the logistic, equipment, hike to and back from the site and the time underground.

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