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Very big day

Noeud de pêcheur double
Saint Vincent

The Saint Vincent

Toboggan naturel dans le canyon du Saint Vincent

from 4 people: 150€

Minimum rate 500€*

* Minimum rate for less than 4 persons

The longest canyon in the Pyrénées Orientales and one of the longest in France! After 1000m of positive elevation on the approach walk, we are preparing for 700m of negative elevation in the canyon by chaining 40 obstacles, the Saint Vincent is a real challenge ! This canyon can be done in a very big day with a departure at 6am. It is also possible to leave the day before in the cool, to bivouac in a hut at the start of the canyon and to make the descent the next day (allow an additional 50€ / person).

Canyoning activity on Mount Canigou,   near Prades, Villefranche-de-Conflent, Olette, Ille sur Têt.

Prerequisites: practice a mountain sport and have already done canyoning. Be in excellent physical condition
10 hours
From 16 years old


This approximated time  is given only for the canyoning run.

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