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Stage de canyoning en Europe_Exploraddiction

Canyoning training camp

Next camp:

Canary Islands 2020

Explor'Addiction is proud to have been able to organize several canyoning training across Europe and beyond! These camps, called "guinea pig camps", are our trademark! They combine adventure, passion, and human relationship. We are already looking forward to the next camp!


The guinea pig camp aims to share canyoners daily life: going on an adventure, find out new canyons, live no-planned life in an unknown destination, and do canyoning every day!

Stage de canyoning aux Canaries




Canyoning training camp

April 2020. 


To define

Before departure, we prepare all the logistics necessary for the new destination: tourist guides, topographic guides, weather, equipment, optimum rope lengths, on-site transport, ideal base camps. We also contact the locals and find out about water level, canyon equipment, check if our canyon selection seems suitable for the team ...

The week is all the more authentic that it is punctuated with unplanned moments, for it is a new destination every camp ... and that's what makes this training camp a real treat!


This canyoning training camp is suitable for beginners, as long as you're fit, sporty and ready to learn new things!


Appointment : Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands



400 € / person *

Two people: 350 € / pers.






* This price corresponds to the price of the canyoning guide service. Plan a budget for transportation, accommodation, catering,  guide(s) fees, possible vehicle rental, administrative costs and other collective expenses

Stage Canyoning Maroc 2019_Exploraddiction
Stage Canyoning Slovénie 2018_Exploraddiction
Stage de canyoning à Vesubie_Exploraddiction
Stage canyoning crête_Exploraddiction
Stage canyoning Sardaigne_Exploraddiction

Next camp:

Canary Islands 2020

Here is an overview of our canyoning course in Morocco in spring 2019!

Here is an overview of our canyoning course in Slovenia in the fall of 2018! Our first alpine course was memorable!

Here is an overview of our canyoning course in Nice in spring 2018!

Here is an overview of our canyoning course in Crete in spring 2017!

Here is an overview of our canyoning course in Sardinia in spring 2016! Our first stay will remain in the memories of our first Explor'Addiction "guinea pigs"!

* We are canyoning guides and only invoice our service.

Consequently, please plan the costs for the trip daily life: transport, catering, accommodation, additional group costs as well as the guide(s) expenses (part proportional to the group) .

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