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Baby Canyon  6 years old

Noeud de pêcheur double

Baby Taurinya

Mini canyoning pour les enfants dès 6 ans


from 4 pers: 41 €
from 8 pers: 39 €


Do you want to do an Outdoor activity with your little ones? Baby Taurinya is made for them ! We go walking down a stream in the middle of the Canigou forest and do very small jumps, small slides and 5m high abseils. Then we have a passage in the Taurinya Gorges, with a very beautiful scenery. All passages in the stream are optionals, so that your kid can decide what (s)he wants to do with no pressure ! Take your teens with you, we have some challenges for them too !

All grown-ups must know how to swim. 

The kids must be capable of putting the head under the water and start learning how to swim.



From 6 years old

* This approximated time includes the whole activity duration from car to car, with the logistic, equipment, hike to and back from the site and the time going down the canyon.

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