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Terms of Sale

Terms of Sales

Explor'Addiction means any activity organized by Explor'Addiction, its representatives and its service providers. 

The general conditions of sale described below detail the rights and obligations of the company Explor'Addiction and its client in the context of the sale of services present on this site.

Any service performed by the company Explor'Addiction therefore implies the purchaser's unreserved acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Any activity organized by Explor'Addiction is covered and insured by MMA IARD ASSURANCES MUTUELLES. This insures the Professional Civil Liability of the instructors of Explor'Addiction (Policy n° 113 414 898), through their Union the SNPSC (National Union of Professionals of Speleology and Canyoning) and should not be assimilated or confused with personal insurance (bodily injury, cancellation, repatriation, etc.) which would be the responsibility of the customer. The insurance certificate can be consulted on request at the place of appointment.


Exploraddiction canyon and caving instructors or supervisors for Explor'Addiction hold an up-to-date State Diploma in continuing education, a professional Youth and Sport card, and professional civil liability insurance. At any time, and at your request, the corresponding supporting documents may be presented to you.


The equipment and materials made available are approved and comply with safety standards. 

The equipment provided is recent, the Personal Protective Equipment is subject to rigorous monitoring materialized by the keeping of a register. At any time, and at your request, you can consult this register.

For hygienic reasons, neoprene garments are disinfected after each use.

The loan of shoes is insured within the limit of available stocks, and up to size 48.

Transport in the monitor's vehicle subject to available places and from the meeting place is not contractual. 

The combinations are planned according to the measurements given by SMS or email when booking. In the event of an error or erroneous data provided by the participant, and Explor'Addiction has not provided a stock of additional wetsuits, the guide reserves the right not to be able to provide the activity to the person concerned or to his group.

Explor'Addiction lends a GoPro camera or an on-board camera at the participant's request. This request must be made when booking by SMS. However, the loan of the camera is not a contractual commitment and depends on available stocks. The participant provides his own mini-SD card. Explor'Addiction cannot be held responsible if the card is not compatible with our cameras. We advise to come with a blank mini SD card, as some cameras must format the card to be able to read it. We ask that you follow the instructions regarding the use of these devices in the specific environment of canyons and caves (do not open the camera case before, during and after the activity. Only the instructor can introduce your SD card in the device), so as not to lose or damage them. If non-compliance with the instructions results in the loss or damage to a device, you would be liable for the sum corresponding to the new value of the device. In addition, removing the helmet to film with the GoPro is strictly prohibited. If an accident occurs (rock fall, fall from height) when the participant has removed his helmet to film, only the said participant would then be held responsible. 

The equipment provided is indicated on the site in the "FAQ" section. 


The instructor who supervises the canyoning or caving activity ensures your safety. As such, he may have to cancel an outing (weather conditions, hydrology, level of participants, etc.). He is the only one to decide on this cancellation. No refund will be possible if you cancel the outing of your own free will (see chapter booking and cancellation).


A reservation is said to be confirmed when a confirmation SMS is sent mentioning the activity, the meeting place, the number of people and the price per person.  

Methods of payment: Cheque, Cash, Bank transfer, Holiday Vouchers, Sports Coupons.



Prices are clearly displayed including VAT and are decreasing from 4 people. 

Discounts cannot be combined when paying by Chèques Vacances and Coupons Sports.

Special registration conditions 

Commitment and solidarity: As part of a group, or registration for several people, the subscriber undertakes to make known and approve the general conditions as well as the documentation of the activity to all registered participants._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In the event of breach of the GCS by one or more participants, all services are due by the subscriber. 


Cancellation by the instructor:

The instructor reserves the right to cancel an activity if he judges that an element is unfavorable to the smooth running of the activity as well as to the safety of the participants (security, weather, conditions, etc.). the instructor can cancel the activity at any time (before the activity, at the meeting point of the activity or, in case of force majeure, during the activity). We will try as far as possible to offer you another solution. If this does not suit you, and in the case of a deposit for the service, it will be fully refunded to you.

When booking, we will let you know the time and place of the meeting. We ask you to be punctual in order to ensure a smooth running of the activity.

In the event of a delay of more than 15 minutes, the instructor may decide to leave for the activity without the latecomers. These will be due for all amounts due for the reserved activity.

Cancellation by the customer:

In the event that a cancellation is not made a minimum of 48 hours before the activity, the subscriber will owe 30% of the amount of the activity to Explor'Addiction.

In the event that a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the activity, the subscriber will owe the full amount of the activity to Explor'Addiction.

Cancellations are made by email at or by telephone at 0785842016. The subscriber will make sure to be in contact with the monitor by telephone and not to leave a message on the answering machine in the event of a cancelation.

Modification of reservation 

In the event of a modification to the reservation (number of people, desired activity, options, etc.), the subscriber must notify Explor'Addiction at within 48 hours of the activity. After this period, Explor'Addiction reserves the right not to be able to take the modification into account. 


If Explor'Addiction is notified in time, Explor'Addiction reserves the right to offer: a refund equal to 100% of the amount of the reservation and including refund costs of a value of €0._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



The consumer's right of withdrawal according to articles L221-28-12 of the Consumer Code are not applicable to contracts relating to the provision of dated accommodation, transport, catering, leisure services. The contractor will therefore not benefit from any right of withdrawal. 


Given the specific and adventurous nature of our activity, each participant is aware of the risks they may run. He assumes them in full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to make Explor'Addiction responsible for these risks. This is also valid for rights holders and any family member. 

Each participant must comply with the advice and instructions given by the staff supervising the Explor'Addiction activities and courses. Which cannot be held responsible for incidents, accidents or bodily injury ... which would result from an imprudent personal initiative. 

Explor'Addiction disclaims all liability for personal property (loss, breakage, theft, etc.), on activity sites and in the vehicles of Explor'Addiction instructors. 

Each participant acknowledges that they are in good health and have no contraindications to OUTDOOR sports practice. For the canyoning activity, the participant must know how to swim a minimum of 25m. For the so-called "Sports", "Extreme" and "Day" canyons, you must be in good physical condition and practice regular physical activity.

Throughout the duration of the outing, the instructor gives progress and safety instructions, you agree to respect them. If for one reason or another the instructions were not followed, the instructor may terminate your participation in the outing without any possible refund.

As part of a group of several people, the subscriber undertakes to make known and approve the general conditions as well as the documentation of the service to all registered participants. 

A "Risk Acceptance Form" for the practice of canyoning has been specifically drawn up with the aim of clearly informing customers of the risks incurred when practicing the "canyoning" activity. This sheet is available on the "Canyoning" page of the website in French and in English. If applicable, a copy is available in the monitor's vehicle.

For minors participating in activities, under the supervision of an external organization, the latter is legally responsible for the conditions of participation. 

For minors registered with their parents / guardians, they are responsible. 

A minor alone cannot register without parental authorization or an identified guardian. 

Program Changes 

By the organizer: Explor'Addiction reserves the right to modify the program of a service for reasons of safety, floods, drought, natural or accidental disasters (pollution), insufficient technical, physical or psychological level of the participants, without None of the participants can claim any compensation. Only Explor'Addiction is authorized to decide on any modification of programs. If our organization is obliged to cancel a course for any reason whatsoever, participants will be fully reimbursed without being able to claim any other compensation. 

By the customer: Any service started and then interrupted or not consumed because not modified or canceled within the minimum period (specified in the “Cancellation” and “Modification of the reservation” sections) for any reason whatsoever cannot be refunded._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Cards and Gift Vouchers 

Definition: These general conditions of use govern the conditions of use of gift vouchers issued by Explor'Addiction, by any natural person holding a voucher and wishing to make a reservation. 

Use: Voucher can be purchased over the phone and can be used at registration over the phone. The use of the voucher is subject to the General Conditions of Sale present on the site and these are deemed accepted at the time of the purchase of the voucher. 

Validity: The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. For each booking, only one voucher can be used. If the amount of the voucher is not sufficient to cover the reservation, it is possible to complete by another means of payment. In case of loss, theft, difficulty of use or for other information, the beneficiary must contact Explor'Addiction.


Use of personal data 

Explor'Addiction is committed to protecting the personal data of their customers: Explor'Addiction does not resell, share or monetize the data of its customers. 

Image rights

During Explor'Addiction activities, photographs and videos are taken. They are likely to represent you or the minors for whom you are responsible or in your care.

By carrying out an activity with Explor'Addiction, you tacitly authorize us to use and distribute free of charge and non-exclusively these photographs or videos taken during this outing, as well as to use these shots, in part or in whole, for educational, cultural or promotional use of Explor'Addiction   (electronic and paper format). Under no circumstances will they be used for purposes other than those mentioned above.

However, it is your full right to oppose it. In this case, please let us know when you leave. You can also tell us by sending us a simple e-mail later. However, we will not be able to remove images representing you from existing physical media (flyers, posters, etc.).

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