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Teambuilding en canyoning dans les Pyrénées Orientales avec Explor'Addiction

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Are you a company ? A club ? Do you want to build up your team? We can organize a team building excursion in canyoning or caving. Because of their extreme nature and their inaccessible places, these activities lead to surpasse oneself, promotes group cohesion while evolving in safety. This day will be a lasting memory for your team!

Educational outing

Are you a school? A teacher ? Are you organizing a green class ? A group stay? A holiday camp in the Eastern Pyrenees ? Our unique and protected environments are ideal for organizing an educational outing . They are a source of scientific data that children or students can identify and interpret.

Many themes can be studied in caving: biospeleology, geology (karstology), archeology, paleonthology, water cycle. In canyoning we can study the quality of water, calculate its flow, observe the fauna and flora of the aquatic environment, learning about the digging of gorges ( geology ).

Subjects such as mathematics, physics-chemistry, Life and Earth Sciences, Sports and even Technology are subjects that can be applied to the  caving and canyoning area and thus awake students to protect these spaces which are true markers of the History of the Earth.

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