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Caving: Discover the underground world on video

We share with you our magnificent world of caving in this 1-minute video that we enjoyed shooting in a cave near Villefranche de Conflent in the Eastern Pyrenees.

Through this video we want to highlight the cavers' values : discovery of wilderness, learning, adventure, teambuilding, goin beyond his limits and good humor!

Caving makes you living emotions while learning a lot about karstology (cave formation), a bit of geology, flowstone formation, biospeleology (life underground) and many other subjects.

To progress underground, depending on the level of difficulty you choose, you may use a harness, you learn to clip yourself on the ledges equipped with lifelines, you learn how to install your descender to abseil down the pits, you may handle ascenders to ascend on the rope.

Profesionnal cavers in the Eastern Pyrenees, we offer outings for all levels to discover the underground environment while experiencing emotions.

4 levels to begin with caving :

- Discovery Level (1/2d)

- Intermediate level (1/2d)

- Athletic level (1/2 day)

- Extreme Level (1/2d)

- Small Day (6hours)

3 caves for advanced people :

We also have day trips with abseiling down and ascending on the rope :

- Chasm ( -80m deep )

- Grande Course (8 to 10 hours in the cave)

- Technical practice

Information and reservations on our website:


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