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Caving in the Eastern Pyrenees: intermediate level

Explor'Addiction, specialist in caving in the Eastern Pyrenees, offers you the exploration of numerous caves!

We are two caving instructors, passionate about exploring caves in France and around the world. We love sharing our passion for caving with you.

Explor'addiction offers you cavities in the Eastern Pyrenees of different levels of difficulty. You can choose a level according to your age, your physical condition, your group, your search for knowledge or adrenaline, the number of apparatus and the level of technical difficulty.

Why are we specialists in caving?

  • We offer caves with different levels of difficulty

  • We are educators

  • We are experienced caving professionals

  • We teach about the environment

  • We train rope techniques

  • Caving is our passion

  • We offer activities all year round

  • Introduction to caving for 1/2 day

  • Full-day caving trail

  • Caving course

In this article you can discover a video of our “Intermediate level caving” outing. You will not be disappointed with this caving experience, to be enjoyed with family or friends. Cavity accessible from 10 years old, our intermediate level outing takes place in a fossil cavity with many large galleries but also fun passages with 4 legs and challenges for all ages which promote group cohesion and self-confidence .

Advice and booking by telephone all year round at 0785842016.


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